by The Pillory

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Fourth album by recording artist, The Pillory.


released February 12, 2015

Photo taken by: Michael Pace

All songs written by Jimmy Wilkens except Aneurysm (written by Nirvana) and All I Wanted (written by Paramore).

Featured guests:

Anthony Graham on spoken word for "Bored. Sleepy. Loud." "The Unsung Tale (Mordrake's Other Half)" "Aneurysm (Nirvana Cover)" and "Control"

Erica Kilroy on harmonies for "Get Get (Die For Me)" and lead vocals on "All I Wanted (Paramore Cover)"

Madeleine Landry on harmonies for "Asking For Help"



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The Pillory Cleveland, Ohio

Indie music project founded by singer/songwriter Jimmy Wilkens

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Track Name: Bored. Sleepy. Loud.
Bored. Sleepy. Loud.
What do these three words have in common?
It is the night.
It is the night when you are seen by everyone but the one you want to be seen.
The boredom kills.
It is the night the exhaustion takes your focus and leaves you tired, but not enough to sleep.
It's 4am.
It is the night when the bars are loud and you just want to fit in, but you can't.
You're too quiet.
Welcome to the night.
Welcome to Bored/Sleepy/Loud.
Track Name: Get Get (Die For Me)
Little ghost town is where I’ll be found
I’ll see you around, round round round
They got a big plan for the city man
Don’t go offerin’ him land, whoa oh oh
I seen him take a chance, get dirt up on his hands
As he killed another man
It’s such a pity, what we do for killing
He took the blame from me, yeah yeah yeah

Would you die in vain so I can see the sun again?

Now die for me
C’mon and die for me
Get get, get get get die for me
Weighin me down, you’re weighin me down
Down d-down down d-down

Lovely ghost girl, from a past world
She died in my arms, whoa oh oh
She’s got a haunted smile, she twists up on your vitals
She’s gotta flaunt her style, whoa oh oh
I seen her work a man for a couple hundred grand
‘fore she kicked the tin can
It’s such a pity, a low down girl as gritty
As you passed away, yeah yeah yeah
Track Name: Letters From Home
These days everyone's texting
We're all online connected
When people say hello now
They find gratification
But I can't wait to read the letters you send me
It could be 1,000 words, or just 3

What can I say, what can I do?
I can't instantly get to you
Take this pen to this page
And write all the loneliness away
Home is where the heart is
My heart's with you
I can't wait to open my letters from home
Cuz you're my home

When you're done with your new job
Protecting my other home
We'll leave behind the distance
And start a life our own
Hey, stay tough and keep on trying
Consider me your Johnny Cash
For you I walk the line
Stay tough and keep on trying
Track Name: Asking For Help
Today I noticed I had changed
A different man was in my place
I didn't know how to say hello to myself
I'm shy and I don't need the help

I'm in a crowded room but I feel alone
I don't wanna stay here but I don't wanna go home
What is home without you? I don't know
I'm trying hard to smile each and every day
So people won't stop to ask if I'm ok
I'm not, but I just cannot say
Why I feel this way
I'm sorry

I thought it would pass in time
Became comfortable and it solidified
How easy it is to remain sad
The oldest friend I've ever had

I wish I knew just what to do with myself
What am I going to?
Is it too late to feel this way?
To hear me say how can I go another day?

Because I'm in a crowded room but I'm not alone
As long as I have a good charge on my phone
I can zone out and pretend like I'm in control
I'm trying hard to smile but the smile fades
Then the bags under my eyes take center stage
I don't need your help, I'm ok
I'm ok, I'll survive
Barely alive
I'm ok
Track Name: The Unsung Tale (Mordrake's Other Half)
Edward Mordrake, a man born with two faces
It was told the other half couldn't eat nor speak
It was rumored it could, however, laugh and cry
At night it would whisper to dear old Mordrake
It is here the tale begins...

"I exist and that's too much
My twin never bothered to love
My muscles weak, I try to speak
All I can do is laugh and start crying
At night I feel a little stronger
I can manage to get my lips to quiver
I ease my breath and I force a whisper
'Don't you rid of me, you'll be a killer'

I'm the chalice, to your imbalance
The broken stone in your palace, whoa
I'm the worst ache, you'll ever face
The nightmare of Mr. Mordrake, whoa

I could've been someone
But genetics decided you are the favorable one
They gave me a mind and a terrible scheme
I can convince you to do anything
After all, you are me, I am you, we are two
And we are through
You serve me, but I'll never serve you

Who will ever love you as much as I love you?
Every woman you take to bed is a woman that I will take too
Every child is mine, every success is mine
Every paycheck, the hatred you receive, it's mine!
I can see inside your mind, after all it's also mine
I know what you'd like to do but you're too scared to try
I'm sick of everyone calling us freaks
They're the freaks!
They're the ones that rob, kill, rape, cheat
What have we ever done to anyone?
To deserve their shun, shun, shun!?
Let's end this right here, let's end this right now
Press this glass up to your fucking mouth"
Track Name: Leave The Rest To You
I wonder if I'm alright
Nothing I do makes me feel secure inside
And I don't mean to sound so frightening
But I'm in need of an enlightening

And I'll leave the task to you
And I'll leave the rest to you
And I'll save the last for you
And I'll be the best for you

I wonder why I'm afraid
Of something that hasn't happened yet to me
And I don't mean to be contradicting
But I'm so sick of all my bitching

And I was the best for you
Track Name: Going Outside
We're going outside, yes we are
We're going outside, in the park
We're going outside, in the car
Now ride

We're going outside, in the dark
We're going outside, yes we are
We're going outside, in the yard
I'm so helpless for

I always like the wrong thing
Track Name: Lost In The Snow
It's barely the evening and it's dark outside
Got my cup of coffee, got you on my mind
In this pair of black jeans, and cracked old boots
I find myself confused

Where the hell are you? Where the hell am I?
Why aren't we together under frost-bitten skies?
What the fuck is this shit all on the ground?
The winter feels colder without you around
Where the hell are you? Where the hell am I?
You're the reason why I stay warm
You're the reason why I stay warm

I rock two coats to keep out the wind
I've begun a new hipster hat collection
I'd like to think you'd join right in
The complaining with the rest of Cleveland
Track Name: Stitch Your Lips
Behave yourself, from myself
Run away, blue birdie

I just want to be a mistake of yours, baby
This won't hurt a bit or at least it won't for me

Love yourself, from myself
Your eyes drain, in the rain

Stitch your lips to my cheeks so you'd show you love me
This won't hurt a bit or at least it won't for me

I'm in love, I love me
Track Name: Boredom
I wanted more than you could ever return
I gave you too much, that picture wasn't drawn
I left a messy house cleaner than if it was new
Now everything is lost, cluttering is too cool

You treat yourself too good, like a window prop
They decorate you nicely to disguise your plastic heart
If nothing is too much, then nothing is enough
I don't remember that, I don't remember

You treat me like a mute, I'm the only one talking
It's like they're running tests and we are all watching
You'll dye your hair black to hide the fact it's red
After another smile, my mind is in your head

New thing to explore, oh God - it's your gore
Unsettle the score, yeah give me some more
Where is it? Where's the door? Old sand on the shore
You're starting to bore, you're starting to bore

Check the clock I think it's missing some time
I wanna forgive you, but the fault - it is mine
I never told you, so now I'm going to
You're just like me, but on the inside
Track Name: Control
This is it, I've lost control

I thought I new exactly what I'm going to do
But sometimes you can't choose what happens to you

I thought I had control
Turns out I don't have control

I'm not having fun when my mind wanders off
My mind is of its own and it can't be stopped

I love everyone else more than myself
The catch is I hate everyone else