Closure EP

by The Pillory

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This was originally going to be an album but then some major life changing events happened and I decided to finish the demos I started and release it as an EP.


released December 2, 2015

All songs written by Jimmy Wilkens except when otherwise noted. All instruments performed by Jimmy Wilkens except when otherwise noted. Recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by Jimmy Wilkens.

Additional help by:

Malaury Macias - Drawing of Nick Frost used for album cover
Sarah Taylor - lyrics for "Let The Wind"
Adam Grimm - drums for "Nick Frost"
Wendy Merin - outro poem for "When You Sing"
Cristaly Carrion - lead vocals for "Not The Doctor (Alanis Morissette Cover)"



all rights reserved


The Pillory Cleveland, Ohio

Indie music project founded by singer/songwriter Jimmy Wilkens

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Track Name: Let The Wind
If things were as they were, you'd be happy
If I was who I was before, you'd be happy
You'd be playing every love song, each song more sappy

But my darling, open your eyes
Look up and see the skies
That's where I am, that's where I want to be
I'll be flying higher each day
Let the wind carry me anyway that it wants to

I'll be higher by tomorrow
You'll be following the shadow of who I used to be

You loved who I was then
I was only looking for a friend
Track Name: Nick Frost
Poetry and painting, exhibitions of the mind
I'm getting sick of being horny and I'm running out of time
I'm packing up my baggage, I don't need to feel this way
In the absence of progress all my blues and blacks are grey

Turn it off, I'd rather watch movies with Nick Frost
No one makes me laugh like Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

You're the star of a cinematic experience, well that's great
You told me it's the greatest porno of all time but you're vain
The existential crisis of always being distracted
My retention rate is so low, I take selfies - I'm like "who's that kid?"

Life and death did some blow, got drunk, and had a one night stand
This should be on the news but I'm keeping up with the Kardashians
I'm always on my phone so it's kind of hard to be a good lover
The misconception of celebrity is my wine, bread, and butter
Track Name: When You Sing
My castle in the air has fallen down into the black sea
Where you and I fall asleep
I can taste the menthol of your breath, stress has plagued you as well
As far as I can tell

You scream, "Bad dream, hold me"
I'm too far gone, so be
Taken by the whole thing
Only calm when you sing

I can't see, I can't breathe
Falling in love and drowning
I'm freezing, not breathing
Falling in love, and sinking

The spirit of your voice has shrunk in spirit of a new drink
It's the whiskey in you that sings
I hope to one day write you a poem, a mild novelty
Without the buzzards watching me

Midnight strolls, I've been here before
Kicking a can of soda pop around, anything to keep my mind busy and away from you.
The moon and I, we exchange stories and she never judges my idiosyncrasies.
In fact, she encourages me to stretch my wings wider.
I'm torn between flying into the distant lands or hovering around silently waiting for a sign.
These days, my heart behaves in a capricious manner, turning against me. Fighting to keep a watered down kind of love... regardless of what I deserve.
Standing still, I shoot a glance at the night sky hoping I haven't lost myself to someone who can't see me for who I am.
Track Name: The Writer
An empty nest, the bird left in loneliness
All her young are now flying away
Play outside, come back when the lights
Shine on the same streets I'll walk again one day

It's hard to go somewhere you only read in a book
When you're the writer who's not so sure if the writing's any good

I write these words all over town
To remind me I don't know you more than I know myself
See mountains up ahead, drenched in white gold
The taste of now is in my breath

A stillness, a blanket of wilderness
Before we find it's the calm before the storm
Growing up, where we aren't showing up
What do I bring, what stays behind, now I'm torn

Allow me to take this time to speak to you all before closing this chapter of my life. This song was about the exciting new adventure I was going to take to Seattle, Washington with my then wife, who's currently serving this country. Although things didn't work out between us, I will state that I do not feel any resentment, no bitterness, no hatred, I'm not angry at all. In fact, I'm quite proud. This is directly to you, wherever you may be: Just know that a part of me will always love you and I'm so proud of you. Thank you for helping shape who I am today. I learned so much about myself growing up with you, like four and a half years together?! Four and a half YEARS?! I could write a couple books about this. But let me finish with this: Good luck, don't forget to take care of yourself, and goodbye, friend.