Everyday Passengers

by The Pillory

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    Decided to get a little more loud with this one and slowly start to become less of an acoustic artist and more of an artist in general. If you download the whole album, you will receive a bonus song. You want to hear the bonus song, trust me, it's pretty edgy.

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Everyday Passengers: A Story of Longing

Have you ever been in love?

Had it been eleventh grade?

Was it the eleventh time?

Was it the eleventh of some month you care not to remember when the one you wouldn’t mind sharing every morning with stopped loving you?

You would do anything to recreate that passion.


Waiting on the shelf to better your health but they leave you there, never to get off.

They were the perfect fit until you washed them out and wore them off.

The skies blacken a deeper shade of grey from omens you experience every cloudy afternoon.

Dead insects scatter across the cement.

You are no longer in control.

You're a passenger.

An everyday passenger.

Life decides your journey, written in the shadows cast by an endless row of streetlights on this highway you didn’t plan on riding down.

You love to touch and touch to love but you fail to see they are not the same.

You long for the touch of love.

You turn to loveless alternatives offered by the lonely.

Each night passes as you absorb hollowed representations of what love looks like.

Or what love sells like.

You ask where the love went.

Where does it go when it leaves?

You confront.

The truth is evaded and dodged like little bumps on the road.

The road you didn’t plan on riding down.

Every statement becomes a trial.

Is this the whole truth?

Your morale runs dry.

The rivers cease flowing when you need its water most.

You NEED its water.

How can you survive the drought in your heart?

How can you possibly make it without the rain that fills its rivers?

The love that fills its veins.

You long to be consumed by passion again.



You find a new drug to occupy your veins.

Injected straight from the tele itself are the political paradoxes perfect for perpetually fiending a quick fix to purposeless passion.

Political ramblings consisting of he-said she-said bullshit opinions of world.

Rage fills your veins in place of rain as does the need to stand for something.

You want to stand with someone.

Who would that someone be?

You relapse.

Out from your addiction, back into your drug of choice.

You follow the initials etched onto your heart back to the one holding the carving knife, to make an offer unfit for refusal.

You offer yourself.

A proposal.

The mistake was made for they were never truly yours but instead another’s.

The gun you kept found a purpose and can either fill your thoughts or become your thoughts.

The chamber fills with voices telling stories of the time they once heard its sound before.

They whisper, “Red colored the dawn when the man committed his own murder.”

The blonde got away.

You are not this man.

Nor will you become this man.

You place the gun back in its box as you vow the last song.

The last performance as you exit stage left.

You set the stage right.

You never thought you’d travel this road life chose.

But the story has been told.

This is the last song.

You will love again.

We are all everyday passengers speeding down a road we have no control over.

But in the end, we always get there.

Have you ever been in love?


released May 13, 2014

All songs written, performed, and recorded by James Wilkens except "Frequency Modulation" featuring Itzy Otterbein on guest vocals.



all rights reserved


The Pillory Cleveland, Ohio

Indie music project founded by singer/songwriter Jimmy Wilkens

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Track Name: Waiting To Get Off
Hey sweet lady on my mind
I think about you each and every night
Normally I'm able to wait
But woman, I need you today
Well c'mon, well baby I need you
Tell me you want to and I'll be there for you
The night's still young and so are we
I'm longing for your company

Don't leave me to myself
I need you to better my health
Your skin so soft
I'm up on your shelf
Waiting to get off

The way your eyes have pierced me
Have me seeing things differently
I'm unsatisfied and thirsty
I need your lovin' to work me, alright
I crave your touch, I don't know why
I see you damn near every night
I wanna try you on for size
A perfect fit every single time
Track Name: Dragonfly
I see the flight has ceased tonight
Of the dragonfly
Leave them on the cold and dry
Cement to die

They'll say that our luck has turned south
But that's a lie, I never had luck to talk about

I see the sky has blackened out
Mid afternoon
It's here when they came crashing down
The end here is soon

They'll say that our love has burned out
But that's a lie, I've always loved her down and out

How could the seasons change without thinking of you
As you fall from grace?
Watch how these dreams erase when we see you fly
Until you've died
Track Name: Frequency Modulation
In a sea of brake lights, listen to the pitter patter
Rain on the window
A passenger in the car of life who never will get to drive
But can change the radio
Ask me baby where I need to go
Just drive drive baby cuz I don't really know

We ride shotgun by design
Watching the streetlights pass by
We have no journey in mind
Long as we're making good time

Caught me in a state of mind, hoping you would never find
The locks on this wheel
Just a martyr in his prime that won't need to sacrifice
A damn thing real
Ask me baby what I really mean
Just drive drive baby and then you'll surely see

Love to touch, you touch to stay in love
Touch to love, you love to stay in touch
Track Name: Each
When it's been a lonely minute
The boredom starts kicking in
Entertainment with a click
Then before I know it's happening
I find that I'm addicted
So many women to sin

Each night passes, I search for a vice
Frequent mileage, I waste all my time

Do you know what it is like when you can't break sight?
While you're at the party, I'm home on Safari
I'm getting high on night life
On these candy websites

Seek for an escape, a face with no name
With each open page, I become more estranged

When I finally can stop it
I start to feel neglected
And then I go back again

Each new conquest feels worse than the last
Each treasure chest leads to the next
Each night passes, I feel unalive
With each open page, a part of me dies
Track Name: White Lies
I try to resist my thoughts
But when I'm alone it's the only friend I got
Never said he was a good one
I'm afraid of the truth that rolls off either of your tongues

Do you even know how much you put me through?
I don't think you do
You promise me this time, how much of it is true?
I need you to come through

Would you even try or is this another lie?
No matter how white, my heart can't handle this time
Do you even mind it's tearing me up inside?
I need you to be mine, all mine

Your words come in distorted
By the voices of worry in my head, all in my head
Never said I didn't hear you
It's just your words are hard to come by this time
Because I still fear you

Please, no more white lies for me
Track Name: The River's Gone Dry
I missed the sun today
And the clouds cover the moon
These skies are all grey
I can't enjoy the beauty you have to offer me
Because the love has nowhere to be

How I long for the rain
I wouldn't mind it on this parade
This thirst will never quench at this rate
The desert is a horrid place

I miss the love we made
As the gentlest breeze would whisper your name
All the plants have died
A dozen roses in your hand
And the river's gone dry

How I long to see the rain again

The river's gone dry, it's gone
The river's gone dry, it's gone
How can we survive this drought?
How can I survive your drought?
I'm out of options
Track Name: Kochane
Hey big brother sitting on your high chair
Your feet don't touch the ground
But you claim you're down to earth
You only know enough to brainwash and pay some off
To help you get what you want
You have a bowl of food up there
I'm still waiting for it to trickle down, I'm hungry
I don't see any progress
All I see's a whiny congress
Don't get your way, so they'll just shut it down

Who in this room deserves the chair?
Stay in the back as if you're not there
Who buys in this cult/religion?
99% manipulation
The great aristocratic problem
Keep us cycling in the system
Of blaming each other for being the fucking victim

But in numbers we are the greatest weapon you'll ever face
They don't care so we'll have to take
I'm sick of the country addicted to Kochane

Hey with your money, bet you feel so strong
I bet you feel brawny
You've been flexing way too long
I bet your secretaries appreciate your tax breaks
When they pay more than you
Saving money for the rich don't help nobody else
Afford their shit, they can't buy it
I don't see any progress, all I see's a bunch of lawless
Money bags that ain't ever coming down

Next time, there won't be a next time
We need it now, and make it quick
They don't care, no they don't care

Hey Mr. Governor, hey Mr. President
All you little senators and house of representations
Who do you have love for? We will need some evidence
You all seem to forget it's us you're representing
Track Name: Tommy Wiseau

I swear I didn't hit her up to hang out
I don't drink, I don't take part
Listen to me sweetheart, I don't want you to go
Why are you tearing me apart?
Oh hi, Mark

Green screens, reuse sex scenes with you
Marry me, Lisa
Future wife, my fiance, bride
Marry me, Lisa

My Lisa, my Lisa
I sense that something's wrong
What is it, what is wrong?

I bought you this dress, why don't you try it on?
Let's hope the door is not ajar
I got this gun in the back of my dresser
Let's hope you don't break my heart
Oh hi, Mark

I caught you with Mark
I can't believe this, Mark
My best friend was Mark
My world fell apart

Tip this dresser, flip this mattress
How dare you, Lisa?
Future wife, my fiance lied
Why would you, Lisa?

My Lisa, My Lisa
You cheated on my love
This gun will find my head
Track Name: Live A Little Down
Feel the sunlight come
Feel it burn your eyes down
Won't you hear the pounding drum?

If you live a little down
If these people told you stories
Of how they heard a gun sound
Measure dead in pounds

Too late if they were
Stimulate one's own murder
Red colors the dawn
Love is a dirty blonde
Track Name: The Last Song
I fell today, it took some time
To get back up
And as I lay, I dread to find
I'm not strong enough
Can you forgive me if I can't love you?
I fell today, you fell with me
But I got up

You never thought we'd go
Down this road I chose
But our story has been told
Someday you will grow old
With somebody else to hold
But our story has been told

I never knew these songs hurt you
I never meant to
It's what I use when I'm confused
They're what I vent through
Can you forgive me if I can't stop it?
I never knew, so what'll I do?
I'll write one more

I'm sorry that I held this in for so long
The worst I could do to you is play along
I spent all this time wondering what went wrong
I'm sorry now for this last song
The last song I'll ever write about you

This is the last song
I swear this is the last song
About, about you
Track Name: Smells Like Sex (Bonus)
If I lied to her just to see a smile
If it's all she wore, well I'm sorry now
With this confession, I've always been true
Baby girl, all along I pretended she was you

Do you believe in love?
She don't seem to believe
I don't want to leave
I want to love again

I smell like I've never seen a girl before
I smell like she's never been deflowered
I smell like I've never seen a girl before
I smell like I've never been loved

You call my phone but I don't answer
I'm either at work or with this dancer
You discovered us, but why so upset?
Come to think of it, you could've joined in

Can you try to forgive and forget and make up?
Let's make out
Can you try to be more open minded and try it?
Let's begin
This isn't how I am
I want to get it in

I smell like I've never seen a girl before
I smell like she's never been deflowered
I smell like I've never seen a girl before
I smell like I've never been fucked