Fuck The Music: Die For Art

by The Pillory

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The Pillory's 5th album


released August 4, 2015

All songs written by Jimmy Wilkens except "On Melancholy Hill" written by Gorillaz.

"The Interview - Intro" features Emily Pietrasz and Erica Kilroy as interviewees and Ella Radak on harmonies

"Lady On The Map" contains a drum sample from Adam Grimm's "Willingly"

Additional drum programming on "Gentleman's Club Remix" by Pat Chapek

"Privatize The Prisons" contains samples from Shia LaBeouf, George Carlin, TestTube News, and Vlog Brothers

Watch the original videos here:

Shia LaBeouf

George Carlin

TestTube News:

Vlog Brothers

"Wisconsin" features Adam Grimm on additional commentary

"Forgotten Name" features Ella Radak on lead vocals and harmonies



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The Pillory Cleveland, Ohio

Indie music project founded by singer/songwriter Jimmy Wilkens

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Track Name: The Interview - Intro
"I got home from work and I noticed there was this car sitting outside of my driveway, like right by my mailbox on the wrong side of the road. And then, I went inside and I looked through my blinds and they started revving their engine, I got really freaked out." - Emily

"Said, there's someone outside of my house, I don't know if I should call the police. I made the decision that I was gonna go pick her up. We were driving around and out of nowhere, there goes the car that was in front of Emily's house." - Erica

"There was lots of screaming" - Emily
"Lots of screaming" - Erica

"It followed us for a little bit, didn't it?" - Emily

"Uhh, we followed them and he realized -" -Erica

"Oh Yeah!" - Emily

"We turned into the apartment complex and waited there as he drove by, we turned around to see if he was still there and he turned his car around to see who was following him." - Erica

"I called the police later when I got home and they treated me, like, so awfully, it was disgusting, it made me mad" - Emily

"I just remember going to sleep that night and being scared, like, just all around just like, what? I was confused and scared." - Emily

"Yeah they were really creepy, waiting outside my house. What do they, what do they want?" - Emily
Track Name: Oh Yes, Anxiety
Oh dear, oh my lover, how do I begin to uncover?
I could end myself over this, I'm sure I'll be missed
The pen bleeds, much like me, the ink bonds with the blood freely
The cum stains of a troubled mind dries like anxiety all over me

The taste of shit hangs on my pallet, lick the nightmares off of my mattress
Reading books, writing songs, watching shows, work a job, won't make the pain stop
Why cleanse when the water makes me bored? I can stay in bed with the headache I adore
My irregular beat is regular to me, I can give a fuck less, I'm trying

Making love with my brain like it didn't know my name
All these thoughts are shame, shame, shame
Track Name: Lady On The Map
Lady on the map, other side of the lake
On the bus, here I go - out of town, out of state
The closer I get, the less my heart breaks

I'd be lost without you

Reunite, the feelin is like a coming home
Let's go downtown and do whatever we want
Sad to go, but I'll be here next month
Track Name: Gentleman's Club Remix
Tryin to find room inside of your heart, girl
It's overcrowded here, damn my dear
How many men can fit in there?
See everyone but you in here
We all believe we're the best for you
You struggle to choose
Sample all of us, is it lust?
Don't matter now, I'll never trust you
But if you want I'll still talk to you

I'm just a man, I'm on the move after you
I'm just a man, yet I'm not gon' move on lonely you

We just met - I love you, or maybe I'm lonely too
It's hot in here, let's be clear
I ain't that kind of guy my dear
But there's something in the way you stare
Press your finger on my lips
Closed my eyes and imagined it
Happens to all of us, is it lust?
Don't matter now, I left this club
My heart belongs elsewhere
Track Name: Good Choice, Bad Decision
Don't let them lie to you, the best things aren't free
If you want love, well what can you offer me?
You have a dream, how are you gonna pay for it?
Cuz we all know it ain't enough to slave for it
But I will

How do I begin to start over all again?
It took this long to realize it was a good choice, bad decision

Don't let them lie to you, they'll never love you
They'll say what they want until they got you
You have a dream, let's see someone take it away
Cuz we all know we must grow up one day
And I did

Why am I here?

I sing the same old shit, new ways of saying it
But if there's one message, is that I'm not done with this
I don't have one friend, that I can tell everything
But I have a guitar and a pen, and that's good enough for Jim
Track Name: Privatize The Prisons
Privatize, Dehumanize
Track Name: Wisconsin
This is a true story:
On September 29, 2013, my girlfriend and I went to the House of Blues in Cleveland to see a dubstep artist by the name of Flux Pavilion. At this concert, we bumped into my friend Bob. My girlfriend and I asked Bob, "Hey Bob, who are you here with?" And Bob said, "No one, I just love dubstep."

Little lady, little lady, would you like to dance with me?
Little lady, little lady, who is it you came to see?
Little lady, little lady, you're not from here
Little lady, little lady, won't you come near?
Little lady, little lady, from Wisconsin
Now you're here at the pavilion

Sometime later during the show I looked over and saw Bob in the middle of pit. "Dude Bob, wassup Bob?!" He was dancing with some girl, she was hardcore grinding on his.. well... you know. We looked at Bob and said, "Bob, who is that??" Bob looked at us and he was like, "I don't know!" Go Bob.

Little lady, little lady, you have backed up onto me
Little lady, little lady, this feeling is ecstacy
Little lady, little lady, works the dancefloor
Little lady, little lady, come on dance some more
Little lady, little lady, from Wisconsin
Feel that pain come up to my Johnson

Sometime in the middle of the 3rd DJ's set, Bob came back up to us. He wasn't dancing and that girl was gone. He pulled out his phone and typed up a message and handed it to us. It read, "Dude, I think that girl broke my dick." So we laughed and chuckled and handed him back his phone. He typed up a new message and gave it back to us. This time it read, "No really, there's blood."

Little lady, little lady, I think this dance has to stop
Little lady, little lady, you have torn apart my cock
Little lady, little lady, this predicament
Little lady, little lady, now my dick is bent
Little lady, little lady, call a medic
Before that I must finish this set!

Upon reading this messages, we looked at Bob and told him, "Bob, you need to go to the hospital." "Is that your blood or hers?" Bob looked at us right in the eye as he said, "After this set!" And jumped back into the crowd. We never saw Bob again... that was a lie, I saw him a little later, but I've never been more proud of him.

Blood everywhere, but I'll finish this set

"That's what uh, blood on the dancefloor means"

Damn you big booty girl from Wisconsin
Track Name: Forgotten Name
The other day I thought I heard your name, love
Who is calling for you, it is fairly strange
It is one of those names I haven't heard in some time
Turn around, there's nobody behind me

Hear the echoes of my footsteps, love
Thoughts of the photobook that I left in bed
I fall asleep in the past, wake up to cold sweat
This time baby, words were clearly said

You said to me babe, "Have you forgotten me, love?"
I look in your eyes, "How can this be?"
I watched you die, love, you screamed out my name
I watched your last breath, suffocate in flame

You embrace me, your skin is so warm, love
Your eyes are so blank, as if the life is gone
You kiss my lips softly, I feel my spirit weep
For now I know, I'm in eternal sleep
Track Name: Martyr
Am I done? This had barely just begun
All the time that's spent, soon we will not be young
I'm outgrown, I feel left behind - alone
All I want is the tenant of my heart to come on home
Come on home

Call me, call me - I'm so goddamn lonely
Falling, falling, I no longer control me
Nothing, nothing, I find that satisfying
Nothing, nothing else feels much like dying

Watch TV, see everything that's happening
The saddest part is that I can do next to nothing
I'm dehtroned, you're my queen - I'm without a crown
All I want is for us to run away and not be found
Not be found

Kill me, kill me, the voice of anxiety
Heal me, heal me, screams my heart so frantically
Kiss me, kiss me, you or the angel of death
Kiss me, kiss me, whichever you think is best

There's no God to me, just human empathy
That is not enough for me, I'm not recovering
Pump my blood with caffeine, suppress the vomiting
That is not enough for me, I"m not recovering

I don't want a martyr
Why would you want to leave and be a martyr?
Why don't you want to stay and be my lover?
Track Name: On Melancholy Hill (Gorillaz Cover)
Up on melancholy hill
There's a plastic tree
Are you here with me?
Just looking out on the day of another dream

Well, you can't get what you want but you can get me
So let's set out to sea, love
'Cause you are my medicine
When you're close to me
When you're close to me

So call in the submarine
'Round the world we'll go
Does anybody know her?
If we're looking out on the day of another dream

If you can't get what you want then you come with me

Up on melancholy hill sits a manatee
Just looking out for the day
When you're close to me
When you're close to me

When you're close to me