Gaby's Sideburns

by The Pillory

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This album originally started as a quick punk-oriented EP. It was supposed to be 5-6 songs of straight aggressive and loud material but I ended up working on other things that were too good to not put out there. The name "Gaby's Sideburns" came from a contest I held at one of my shows. I passed around a clipboard and asked people to name my EP and I picked the one I liked most. Gaby Radak wrote "Gaby's Sideburns" and it was my favorite non-dick related title on the sheet.


released September 18, 2014

Album title - Gaby "Ella" Radak
Album art - Bailey Greene
Guest vocals on "Elixir" - Sarah Roberts
"Lego House" is an Ed Sheeran Cover
Lyrics for "Words By Sarah" written by Sarah Taylor
Guest vocals for the Arctic Monkeys cover "I Wanna Be Yours" - Madeleine Landry

Thanks to everyone that helped out with the making of the album! You rock!



all rights reserved


The Pillory Cleveland, Ohio

Indie music project founded by singer/songwriter Jimmy Wilkens

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Track Name: Try Too Hard Blues
I don't wanna stay anymore than you want to go
Don't mean to ruin your plans if you'd unblock me from your phone
Yeah I'm a dirty pig, so what? Everyone needs a chance
I'm really a nice guy and girl you got some nice hands

Never really goes my way
No work, I'm all play
My skies are always blue
Cuz I paint them all with you, alright!

I just want a kiss

Why do you look so bored? Is it cuz I'm a gentleman?
What do you want to do? Well now really that all depends
Why don't we go outside and we'll lay out in the sun?
You don't really want tan lines, we can do something else fun

Listen to me girl, listen to me sob
I can't get enough and I don't want to stop
Listen to me girl, you're too beautiful
Let me in your heart, let me love you slow
Track Name: Elixir
Fall asleep next to an open window
Wake up next to a missed call
It's my friend reminding me of the show
I won't miss it all

One night, it's tonight
When everything's just right
New sights, summer nights
The elixir of life
It's my life, it's your life on the same wavelength

My friends hang out every night
Let's go outside to feel the sunlight
New friends, cold ones by the fireside
To go with us to the end of the line

I'm tired, I'm sure that all of us are
But we won't go to sleep
4 am, blasting fast music in the car
It's Thursday night, that don't mean a thing

We don't to be immortal to feel it
The elixir we drank as teenagers
Succeeded our whole lives
We'll be it until we die
We will all die off one day but today ain't that day
So let's celebrate
Track Name: Not A Saint
Today I looked up at the sky
And wondered why I can't be that bright
The stars, the moon, don't compare to you
I'm the violent tide to your sand

I'm way ashamed
One time is all it takes to realized you're not a saint
You're not a saint, it's me I face

Shattered everything against the wall
Broke apart things, you and I are all in all
Your heart goes boom, I exploded you
I'm the shadow mind, dark thoughts
Track Name: Words By Sarah
Words and only words, and a word doesn't mean a thing.
Actions speak louder than words but what do actions bring?
Wars, riots, hate, execution?
Are these the actions to lead a nation?
Fuck the nation and the world as a whole.
I'm one of the few who knows whats waiting down the rabbit hole.
Come with me, come take a stroll,
To the shadows of the night that I call home.
Sure, it's cold! Sire, it's frozen.
But I was one the few chosen,
To carry this burden as it eats down inside.
Sometimes I want to scream for help and swallow my pride.
To see you all around me day after day,
In this life, I see no other way,
To live, a lie,
My fear, I hide.
Sleep never comes easy.
With every sun rise, I get queasy.

I know one more night is coming, and so are they.
Only steps away.
The whispers all day that I try to ignore,
I am the one they taunt, they want; their whore.
There are not just two sides to this; the black and the white.
But the grey area, just out of sight.
That grey is my life,
Full of strife,
Just one night of sleep will suffice.
I'll sacrifice, it all to them to leave me be.
I'm crumbling inside and this they see.
But still they come, night after night, to take from me,
My hopes, my dreams, my fantasies.

See this is what they want, they want it all
But little do they know that I refuse to fall.
I'm not the weak rag doll they used to play with.
For now, I have a Reaper, and I, his witch.
And I his witch, see
Cliche, straight from he movies, yes!
This is really happening to me?; I'd have never guessed.
So, come all ye shadows, come with weapons drawn!
This witch will fight 'till next dawn.
Take your sleepless nights, you nightmares,
Take your physical attacks, no body cares.
Take your venomous words, shove them up your charred Hell bound asses.
Because I run this school, and you're all skipping classes.
I'll kick your asses all the way past the shire,
Keep coming for me, and Reaper will make you beg for your Hell fire.
Come to me, again and again,
Soon you'll see, I'm no friend.
Nor a foe,
I'm far much worse; you'll come to know

Rue the day you every stepped inside,
I know every dark corner of my mind,
Good luck trying to hide.
These actions won't be so kind.
Just like the words I speak,
You knock on my walls, I'll knock back.
I'm done with defense, it's time for attack.
These hours tick away,
And still you stay.
Why? What for? You'll lose anyway.
I try to sleep,
I hear you creep,
Down the hall,
I hear your call.
No more crying, no more tears..
You'll no longer be one of my fears.

This new life of mine does not include you all.
I will get you out, and it'll be a ball,
To see your faces,
Leaving these spaces,
So excited, I can taste it!
Suck my dick, you black eyed son of a bitch.
Exiting me this time will be one hell of a switch.
Xavier is on my side now,
Thinking you'll still win? I don't know how.
This will be hard, difficult indeed.
But me worry over you? HA, There's no need.
For I see the sun rising in the sky,
That for me is a signal, one of you will die.
You've taken, stolen my identity,
But soon I'll be me...I'll be free....
Track Name: DMF
Date, marry, or fuck?
Does it have to be those three?
Rubberneckers get in the way of you and me
Turn around don't drown
Stay away from windows
Screw you, I'll spoil Sixth Sense
Bruce Willis is a ghost

I get a sore back
From carrying you around
I guess I fell back in love with this old sound, ay!

Can you pass a polygraph?
If you download the PDF?
There's no win-win Jim-Jam
Quit talking to yourself, man
There's no higher honor than being meat
Either treat me like an object or season me to please
Track Name: Farmer Joe
Once upon a time ago there was a guy named Farmer Joe
Went up to the corner store and bought himself a dozen of eggs
Now he had a couple chickens
Roosters and a couple of hens
But they wouldn't make the lovin
Drop the carton on the way home

Why must we wait?
For our big break?

Once upon a time ago there was a guy named Farmer Joe
Went up to the corner store and bought himself a gallon of milk
He had a cow and he had a bucket
But that day he said ffffforget it
Twist the cap to take a sip
And I'll be damned he spilled it all

Farmer Joe hates his life
Almost as much as flies
He swats and swats and cries
Each and every night

Once upon a time ago there was a guy named Farmer Joe
Didn't go to the corner store, stood up late to dial his phone
Maybe Joe was a little drunk and called his ex wife to say wassup?
She said she hates his guts
I hate to end it here but they hung up
Track Name: Journey For One
So you’re going around the world, kid
You’re going to see things I may never get to see
I’ll keep my heart warm for when you return
And can share with us your stories

You said you’re leaving in 6 months
And we both still have jobs to do
Could we ever be the same after the winds of change
Strike our skin and blow right through?

Just promise this, at night you’ll think of me
And try to hide the smile you’ll wear to sleep
Not to be cliche but when you look out in the sky
We’ll fixate on the same point as if we're locking eyes

Did you think I’d be afraid to lose you?
I’m not afraid to lose you girl
No no, cuz you’re not that far in the this ever shrinking world
Did you think I thought of leaving?
I’m not gon’ leave you girl
No no, cuz the day that’ll happen is the end of the world

I’ll check the mail four times a day
I won’t bother to put my favorite pen away
And while I can’t write neat, I’m sure you could read
The “I love you’s” and “miss you’s” I’ll say

Tell me you think this is, the best thing for you
And I’ll believe you
And if I never hold you again in my life
Just tell me when you loved me, that it was alright

I love you
Track Name: Wow
Kiss a frog, lick a dog, eat a cod, monologue
Analogue, digital, criminal, little toes

Celebrate celibate, sell a shell by the shore
Evermore, clever war, edible little whore

It goes right through me
A wow wow wow wow
Oopsie doopsie
A wow wow wow wow
A wow wow wow wow
A wow wow wow

Say my name, ain't a game, live in pain, live in shame
Eat a brain, eat a brain, eat a brain, get brain

Meet a girl, fall in love, grow up, elope
Have a kid, raise the kid, wake up, what a dream